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„At INSTA we envision a future of secure authentication
without any passwords“

Easy to use

Three steps to INSTALOG.IN: Download the app, link your account, log in secure without any passwords. Done.

Absolutely secure

Nobody can steal your passwords, you have none. Nobody can steal your keys, you do not have them. Nobody can compromise your identity, it is technically not possible.

No more passwords

Get rid of passwords without compromising security. That’s by the way exactly what INSTALOG.IN was created for.


We have developed an authentication system that eliminates passwords! Based on patented technology that makes use of Identity Based Cryptography (IBE), used in military, security and aerospace, INSTALOG.IN logs you into websites, accounts or corporate networks within seconds: easy, efficient and extremely secure!

How does it work?

  • Download INSTALOG.IN app and install on your mobile phone
  • Link your phone with an existent account or create one
  • Scan any INSTALOG QR Code or INSTALOG Smart Image
  • You are successfully logged in!

Why is it so secure?

There is no need to store passwords because there are no passwords anymore. No certificates are needed. The known threats of compromising user data are eliminated. INSTALOG.IN is based on a very secure and patented technology that makes use of Identity Based Cryptography.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Our core security engine is provided by GMV, a privately owned technological business group with an international presence. Founded in 1984, GMV offers its solutions, services and products in very diverse sectors: Aeronautics, Banking and Finances, Space, Defense, Health, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Automotive, Telecommunications, and Information Technology for Public Administration and large corporations.

Visit www.gmv.com for more information.

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